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Psychological Health Services with

Dr. Bianca Jones, Licensed Psychologist, and Associates

Find Your Happy Place

Dr. Bianca Jones

Hi!  I am Bianca, a Licensed Psychologist located in the Houston, Texas metro area.  I am the founder of Sage Supportive Services PLLC. I have been providing psychotherapy since 2009 and have a passion for helping others live their best lives.  I strongly believe in making mental wellness services accessible and comfortable for all. I maintain the utmost professionalism, while also making your sessions feel like you are talking with a trusted family member or friend. Come as you are, and I will meet you half way!

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What I Do

Meeting You Where You Are 


Sage Supportive Services provides a range of mental health services, with a particular interest in community-based counseling. With community-based counseling, Sage complements the efforts of non-profit organizations, community centers, group homes, churches, nursing homes and other entities that serve communities by offering on-site mental health counseling and educational services. Sage brings mental wellness services directly to you, literally meeting you where you are. I believe providing services within the spaces individuals naturally seek connection, support, and solace facilitates optimal healing and growth for individuals and communities.



In addition to community-based services, Sage provides individual therapy and psychological evaluation services within a traditional office setting in the evenings and weekends.  This may be ideal for those with busy work and family schedules or those who prefer a more private space. Sage provides counseling for everyday concerns as well as counseling for more chronic issues, such as trauma. Sage meets you where you are in the office space by ensuring that services are tailored to you.



Sage is pleased to provide therapy and consultation in a virtual office space.  You can connect with Dr. Jones via a HIPAA compliant and secured online video platform in the comfort of your home.  This may be ideal for individuals with mobility issues, who lack transportation, or who live in areas with limited access to licensed psychologists.



Obtain diagnostic clarity and recommendations with a professional psychological assessment.


Grow with Sage by learning skills and obtaining support.


Enhance your knowledge with Sage emotional health and wellness trainings and workshops.



Psychologist Fees

Individual Therapy - $150 for a 50-minute session 

Couples Therapy - $150 for 60 minute session; $175 for 90 minute session

Community-Based Group Therapy - $65 per person, per group session (flat rates per group session may be negotiated)

Evaluations - Approx. $200 per assessment procedure

Workshops - $100 - $150 per hour 

Associate Therapist Fees

 Initial Therapy Session - $85 - $100

Individual Follow-Up Session - $85 - $100 for a 50-minute session 


Private insurance, Marketplace Plans, Medicare & Medicaid are accepted. 

 Please contact the office to verify insurance eligibility. 


Dr. Jones primarily provides services during the weekday evenings. Associate therapists are available from 8 am - 7 pm.

Weekend appointments can be made available on a limited basis.



Sage is located at 1770 Saint James Place, Suite 206 Houston, TX 77056.


If you require safety or emergency help, please call 911. The Harris County 24 hour crisis line number is 713-970-7000.  The National Crisis Line number is 988. Because email is not completely confidential or private, please do not include information in this form that you would not want others to access.  Confidential information is best communicated by phone.

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