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Helper Education Services

Sage provides training and workshops to community organizations. Topics may include recognizing signs of a mental health crisis, basics of helping skills, motivational communication approaches, and active listening skills.


Sage will work with you to create content specific to your organization.

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Consumer Workshops

Knowledge is power. Equip your constituents with information that will help them to be in control of their emotional wellness. Sage provides informational presentations on a variety of topics such as stress management, dealing with depression, communication, and much more.  Dr. Jones is a trained presenter for the CALM method for suicide prevention. Sage also provides presentations to consumers aimed at dismantling stigma about mental illness and demystifying the therapy process. I will work with you to develop creative material specific to your needs.

Conference Seating

Clinical Supervision

Dr. Jones provides individual clinical supervision for provisionally licensed psychologists and licensed psychological associates in Texas, as well as other trainees pursuing degrees and/or licensing in the mental health field.  Supervision is available for the provision of assessment and therapy services.

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