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Colleagues in Mental Health

Sage values consumers connecting with providers who are a good fit for their needs and preferences, even if it means referring to outside providers. You'll find below a list of colleagues who provide quality care.

Dr. Cashuna Huddleston, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Carolina Jimenez, Licensed Psychologist, Services available in Spanish/Immigration Services

Dr. Kennetha Frye, Licensed Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Specialist

Dr. Baruch Williams, Licensed Psychologist, Child Neuropsychologist

Erika Bowen, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Paulishia Aguillard, Licensed Professional Counselor

Dr. Megan Brannan, Licensed Psychologist

Woman on Window Sill

Crisis Support

Crisis Intervention of Houston

Harris County Psychiatric Center (HCPC)

Harris County Sheriff’s Department Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

Houston Police Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)


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