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Information about Counseling Services
What type of counseling do you offer?

Sage provides individual and group counseling tailored to the needs of consumers.  We assist with a wide range of issues that interfere with mental wellness, such as depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, anger, unhealthy eating patterns, self-harm behaviors, low self-esteem, grief, chronic pain and health conditions, and relationship issues.  Also, Sage is uniquely equipped to assist marginalized individuals and groups with concerns such as workplace discrimination, hate-crime victimization, and chronic/daily encounters with social injustices. 

What is the process?

Individual Counseling

Your therapist will meet with you for an initial consultation and assessment to determine your needs and goals. After this meeting, we review different counseling approaches and collaboratively agree on a plan. Your counseling plan entails the goals you are working to achieve, the frequency of counseling sessions (e.g., weekly, biweekly, monthly), the length of time needed to meet goals, and the strategies we will utilize in and outside of our meetings.  Most counseling services are designed to be completed in 12-24 meetings.  Your counselor will periodically review your progress in counseling and make adjustments, as needed.  While it is true that your therapist is here to listen, counseling is more than just talking. We assist you to make concrete changes in your behavior and break unhelpful patterns that keep you stuck in emotional distress.  Thus, expect counseling to be an active process both inside and outside the counseling room.

Couples Counseling

Dr. Jones has completed Level 1 and Level 2 of the Gottman Method for couples therapy and utilize this approach in my work with couples.  The Gottman Method is an approach to couples therapy that includes a thorough assessment of the couple relationship and integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory.  First, I will meet with both individuals within the partnership to get an idea of the issues within the relationship and goals for therapy.  Following this initial meeting, I will meet with each partner for an individual assessment.  The couple will also take an online assessment that will provide additional information about the strengths and areas of growth within the relationship.  After the assessments are complete, we work together to master skills, based on your specific needs as individuals and as a couple, that have been found to contribute to relationship success. 


Group Counseling

We will meet with the individuals interested in starting a group for an initial consultation to determine your needs and goals. You may decide to start a group to address a particular problem, like depression, trauma recovery, or stress management, or you may desire an open-format in which members determine the discussion for the day. We will help you determine an appropriate number of group meetings to address your needs. Groups can be between 5-10 people. We may also briefly meet with each group member individually to discuss your personalized goal for group.  This allows your therapist to ensure strategies and discussions are incorporated to meet group members’ individual and collective needs.

What type of counseling strategies do you use?

Sage strongly believes in quality care and therefore uses counseling approaches that have been examined in research studies and found to be effective. This means after completing counseling meetings the majority of individuals report, either verbally or by completing questionnaires, improved mental wellness.  Examples of such therapy approaches include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and interpersonal therapy. Your therapist will clearly describe the approach that appears to best fit your situation. Sage can incorporate techniques and approaches that are culturally relevant to you or your group, like prayer, healing rituals, story-telling, reading books and spiritual passages, and social action.

What specialty services do you provide?

Sage offers evidence-based therapies for individuals diagnosed with chronic and severe mental illness including Illness Management and Recovery (IMR), Social Skills Training (SST), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBT for Psychosis), and family psychoeducation. To address the whole person, additional topics that may be of interest to this population include health promotion, financial education, smoking cessation, and employment readiness skill development. Groups can be created to meet the individualized needs of your consumers.

Sage offers therapies specific for members of marginalized groups such as individuals from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, women, sexual and gender minorities, and differently-abled individuals.  We have expertise in multicultural counseling and can provide individual and group counseling that targets issues related to identity-related stress and discrimination.

Dr. Jones has worked with Veterans for several years and has specialty training in the "gold-standard" therapies for post traumatic stress disorder, Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy. Dr. Jones is able to deliver these therapies weekly and can meet clients in the community for exposure activities.   Dr. Jones has a particular interest in working with survivors of sexual assault. Eryn Dorsey specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for individuals with traumatic experiences.

What are the fees?

Sage’s fees for counseling are competitive and priced to make mental health care more accessible to individuals who are often underserved.  



$150 per 50 minute individual counseling session with a psychologist.  

$100 - $85 per 50 minute individual counseling session with associate therapists. 

$150 for 60 minute couples counseling session; $175 for 90 minute session.


$65 per person, per group counseling sessions of up to 10 people.

Special group rates (e.g., a flat fee per group session) may apply for third parties making payments on behalf of consumers.

Additional fees may be required for travel beyond Harris County, groups larger than 10 people, or for couples/family therapy. 



Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. Payment can be made with cash, credit card, or via an online invoice.  Insurance is accepted.

Is my information confidential?

Yes.  By law, we are required to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the information you share in counseling meetings.  Confidentiality applies even if a community organization is paying for services on your behalf.  Sage uses encrypted cloud based servers to secure your information. Your information is only released with your consent, unless the following circumstances apply:

  • If you have expressed intent to harm yourself or another individual and emergency services are needed to maintain your safety or the safety of others.

  • If, during the counseling session, you disclose abuse of a child, elderly individual or person with disability.

  • If there is a court order for the release of your records

  • If you disclose during the counseling meeting sexual misconduct of a licensed mental health professional.

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